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Pakistan Country Strategic Plan – Process

Background:World Population Foundation is working in Pakistan since 1999 and has contributed significantly towards improved reproductive health practices and implementation of ICPD action plan. While WPF has formulated a long term strategy (2007-2010) it is imperative that WPF, Pakistan prepares its country strategy plan (CSP) for next five years (2007-2011) in line with WPF Strategy Plan 2007-2010 through a consultative process. The country strategic paper will help the WPF, Field Office Pakistan’s team to identify strategies that contribute to WPF’s overall mission and regain its credibility in the country as a resource on sexual and reproductive health and rights. The process will enhance WPF linkages with stakeholders (Government, Media, International development agencies and partners) and help development resource mobilization plan for the next five year plan. The following document is an effort to articulate process for formulating WPF’s five year country strategy and partners to be involved into the process starting from February 1, 2007 and to be concluded by March 31, 2007.


  • Explicate the process World Population Foundation-WPF Pakistan will follow to develop its next five years country strategic plan.

  • Identify the key actors who will be involved in the process of developing needs based 5-year plan and develop linkages for future resource mobilization and support.

The entire process will be undertaken by WPF, Pakistan Team. We only intend to engage some one for help in documenting the entire process as we do not have required capacities at WPF Pakistan’s existing team. The following process will be followed to develop the 5 years plan

Step 1: Review of WPF Long Term Strategy: WPF management will have a day long workshop with the Pakistan staff to share and discuss WPF’s long term strategy. The process, ideas and comments from staff will be documented and provide a base for the next step of developing the country strategic plan.

Step 2: Situational Analysis of services and projects on SRH&R WPF will conduct two consultative workshops (one in North and other in South) with stakeholders working on SRH &R. The objective of the two days workshop will be to carry out the situational analysis of projects and services on SRH & R already available in Pakistan and also do an exercise on the gaps to be filled. This exercise will help us identify the areas where WPF can focus in future and develop community’s needs based projects. This activity will also help develop an implementation plans with Monitoring and evaluation tolls and systems to ensure effective implementation of the plan.

Step 3: 1st Draft of the Country Strategic Plan and Technical Group’s Comments and Input: WPF will document the first draft of country strategic plan based on the areas identified by the stake holders in Step 2. A technical group will be identified from the people involved in the consultative meeting who will then review and comment on the first draft of the country paper. At this point the draft will also be shared with the Head office for their input, comments and feedback to improve it further

Step 4: Finalization of the Country Paper and Launch: After the comments of the technical group and HO, WPF will finalize the country strategic paper and will launch it to familiarize the stake holders to WPF’s next 05 years country plan and also to explore the opportunities of collaboration with other organizations working in the field of SRH&R as well as donors.


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